Stellar Business Theme

Responsive theme for Concrete5 CMS

  • Stellar Theme for Concrete5

    Stellar Theme for Concrete5

    A fantastic, responsive theme for concrete5 with parallax images

  • Stellar Theme

    Stellar Theme

    A responsive theme for concrete5 with customiseable styles

Welcome to Stellar

Perfect concrete5 theme for business & corporate websites

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

With Stellar Responsive there's no need for a separate mobile version of your site - it's design scales and adjusts to look good in any browser or device.

Scales your site to fit on:

  • iPhone and other smartphones
  • iPad, or other tablet device in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Any size monitor

This is a responsive theme for Concrete5 built on the Skeleton Framework.

Skeleton is a framework based on a twelve column grid. When a grid column is not used, it simply disappears and does not effect the layout of the page. Developing additional page templates is simple as layouts can be built up using any combination of columns to make twelve.


Just add the or "cta-button" to any link to turn it into a button or a Call to Action button with CSS3 rollover effects.